Never suffer website downtime again

Eliminate website downtime with MirrorWeb

MirrorWeb ensures that website downtime does not affect your website visitors or search engine rank. Our technology will monitor your website and in the event of a problem, will seamlessly divert visitor traffic to our copy of your site.

Trust MirrorWeb to secure your online presence

“Our website is our portal to the world, it is essential that it remains open at all times. MirrorWeb creates a backup and gives us assurance that our website is accessible to the world 24/7. The annual subscription to MirrorWeb is inexpensive considering potential missed business opportunities that may otherwise be suffered.”

Craig Ramadhin Company Secretary - Virgo Productions Ltd

Protect your SEO investment

Search engines notice

All search engines are continually monitoring the internet and react in the same way if they are unable to find a website.

Page rank decay

Search engines do not want to list dead websites in the search results. So, if a search engine cannot find a website, its position in search results will drop significantly.

Removal from results

If the downtime continues the search engines conclude that the page does not exist and remove it from the search results.

What is MirrorWeb?

MirrorWeb provides complete peace of mind. All websites suffer downtime but with MirrorWeb you can be sure that your website is always available.

Key Features

Global Monitoring

Our global infrastructure will monitor your website every minute.

Website Mirror

Our service takes regular copies of your site and stores them on our secure infrastructure.

Automatic traffic divert

As soon as there is a problem with your website, we notify you and take action to ensure your website visitors are not affected.

Other Features

Real time notifications

We notify you as soon as there is a problem with your website

Monthly reporting

Monthly website performance statistics

Divert on demand

You can divert traffic for maintenance or updates

Management Portal

Full control of the mirrorweb service